Noelle is a pharmacovigilance and quality systems expert with over 19 years’ experience, gained in a variety of positions across pharmaceutical business and service providers.

Noelle joined PrimeVigilance in 2011, focusing on client Project Manager and moved to a quality focused role and led the PrimeVigilance quality group since 2012. Noelle has developed the PrimeVigilance quality activities to ensure the establishment of a focused and compliant quality management system and is continuing to drive improvements to PrimeVigilance’s quality systems. In addition, she has supported several clients to improve their own quality systems.

She has hosted and led numerous regulatory authority inspections and audits and successfully guided the company through the MHRA’s inspection of PrimeVigilance as a service provider. Noelle is also an experienced pharmacovigilance auditor.

She has worked for global organisations, such as Abbott Healthcare and Merck Serono overseeing pharmacovigilance activities and ensuring compliance.

Noelle has studied pharmacology at the University of Leeds, in the UK.