Unswerving global or local literature monitoring services which support signal management and inform the benefit-risk profile of your medicine.

Our multidisciplinary literature surveillance team performs end-to-end local and global literature safety surveillance activities, using global biomedical databases such as Medline, PubMed and Embase, and monitoring social media. These screening strategies are product- and drug (class)- specific. These services are overseen by the appointed Qualified Person for PV and medical reviewer(s) and support both clinical trial and post-marketing activities, such as:

  • ICSR detection
  • Inform communication activities: what we uncover about people’s perceptions about a specific medication or issue can help our clients to develop targeted messaging
  • Inform post-authorization studies (PAS) protocols, and
  • Review for signal management purposes.

A testament to our expertise and success in developing meaningful literature search strategies, irrespective of the size and geographic distribution (EEA vs. RoW) of your portfolio and formulating optimized literature queries, both medical and scientific, is our ever-increasing exposure as portrayed in the facts below.

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