At PrimeVigilance, we have earned the distinction of connecting our clients to the right safety services and solutions and unleash their potential.

We offer comprehensive end-to-end pharmacovigilance and vigilance services and solutions from clinical development to post-marketing. Our international footprint, continuous investment in automated technology and resources as well as our product expertise render us the partner of choice.


With over 1000 SMEs in 3 continents, our operational teams:

  • Strategically align your corporate priorities through capacity management
  • Make data-driven decisions to assist you to strategically position your product on the market
  • Provide standardized quality and innovative technology solutions to maintain steady case flow and compliance
  • Offer efficiencies in communication, reporting & intelligence as well as budget construct. We compare processing benchmarks across our clients seeking to identify areas for potential efficiency gains.

Our flexible business models embrace your assets, enabling us to offer either holistic PV services or ‘piece-meal’ supporting services, global or local outsourcing solutions and PV technology-driven solutions.

By galvanizing skilled resources and smart processes with proprietary technologies that promote source agnostic automation, our life sciences clients can advance discovery, manage drug and device development and deliver safer and better solutions to patients.

Our Network and People


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