Our seasoned Medical Information professionals, flexible tech solutions, international footprint and non-stop QC of services have assisted over 60 sponsors.

Our team provide support covering a diverse range of therapeutic areas. The process of call handling is simplified across intake, triage, response management – using sponsor-approved resources – and follow-up, as well as standard response generation, quality check and reconciliation activity. Whether you need adverse event intake and follow-up, content management solutions, medical literature review, or other extended medical information services, our dedicated experts have the knowledge and experience to support you.

Our MI experts:

  • Direct, collect, analyze and disseminate medical information
  • Are the critical link between the marketing authorization holder and the patient/consumer or healthcare provider
  • Identify and report relevant safety information such as AEs, off-label use, medication errors misuse, abuse etc., to the appropriate function
  • Advise on apposite medication use and handling
  • Track and report safety concerns (incident management) and trends
  • Handle product quality complaints (PQC) and follow-up, as per regulatory reporting requirements and aligned with your internal quality and manufacturing standards.

Efficiency in our services is ensured by:

  • A multichannel and multilingual call handling service through a flexible and tailored telephony system solution
  • Out-of-hours service provided by multilingual teams located in hubs in N. America, Europe and Asia
  • Development of standard resolution documents
  • A Query Management System and continuous education 
  • Data Visualization for trending and forecasting which is catered to each project
  • Teams who are experienced in the utilization of external databases for services ranging from MI inquiry logging to document management

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