PVConsult™ is the cornerstone of this quality focused solution suite which aims to optimize and streamline PV operations and maintain regulatory compliance.

Process fragmentation in biotech companies or lack of process delineation between them and their affiliates or partners leads to waning quality, truncated efficiency and waste of resources. Most local companies with medicinal products already on the market experience pharmacovigilance only through passive safety reporting and lack the resources to scientifically and systematically assess risk and safety.

Building a comprehensive PV plan and systems that effectively manage risk and monitor safety of products and patients presents a big challenge. Our answer to these challenges? Optimize and streamline PV operations, whilst maintaining regulatory compliance.

  • PrimeVigilance leverages the blend of compliance, process and technology skills that our team has assimilated over the years, so we will support you to develop and accelerate your in-house pharmacovigilance capabilities. In close collaboration with you, a process overhaul by our SMEs will systematically augment compliance and efficiency, whilst improving return on investment and lowering the total cost of your operations
  • PrimeVigilance navigates the technology landscape, identifies efficiencies from harnessing available automation and other technology solutions and provides a holistic but stepwise implementation plan to meet your current capabilities and needs and effectively manage disruption.