Valerie joined PrimeVigilance as Head of Global Project Management in 2021. Valerie oversees the optimal delivery of PV services and technology-driven solutions through our specialized PM business units.

Valerie has over 20 years of experience in CRO on a global scale for large to mid-sized biopharma as well as biotech. She is a seasoned executive with a history of success devising impactful strategies, delivering on operational models and guiding project management teams to drive business growth and develop scalable multidisciplinary teams to support business expansion.

Before joining PrimeVigilance, Valerie held leadership positions at PPD and IQVIA and her experience in supporting project management teams and strategic partnership to align with CRO development and evolving outsourcing needs from customers have been key to her achievements.

Valerie is a strong believer of strategic partnerships, once they are underpinned by executive engagement, effective governance and continuous evaluation of clients’ satisfaction.

Valerie holds a PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Strasbourg, in France.